Medani P. Bhandari Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii, USA and Sumy State University, Ukraine

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In this interview format opinion paper, Professor Medani P. Bhandari, directly or indirectly reveals the interconnected impact of geographical, and socio-cultural environment on personal motivation building. As such Prof. Bhandari tells the story of why and how he became interested in the conservation of nature and natural resources, what was the problems and how he overcome and continuously working on the same track with same focus in his entire life; however, it might be the story of each environmentalist who have tried to continue environment conservation action and activism and academic scholarships together. Prof. Bhandari is a lifelong conservationist, expert of climate change impact, social empowerment and educationalist, who has devoted his entire life for the conservation of nature and social services. This true story tells how personal background makes people’s perceptions on nature and society and what role a spiritual / tradition, Indigenous knowledge can motivate himself or herself to devote on conservation of nature and social empowerment. Prof. Bhandari shares why he thinks “VashudhivaKuttumbakam” the entire planet is our home and all living beings are our relatives. He also shares the essence of education, he uses the term EDUCARE- education for life. In this interview Prof. Bhandari explains the severity of current environmental impact on human and other living beings and explicate how and why we need to worry. He shows the evidences of negative impact of climate change on cities and how dangerous is the pollution condition in major cities of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Prof. Bhandari has published about 50 papers on international journals, published four books and poems volumes.A brief biography and contact details of Prof. Bhandari is included at the end of this interview.Prof. Bhandari states “My intention, of life is to pay back; give or contribute to the society in fullest whatever I have, earned, or experienced.” Hopefully readers will enjoy reading and will be benefited from this true an intrinsic motivational story with the evidences of scientifically grounded facts. A brief bio of Prof. Bhandari is available at the end of this interview.

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Citation: Bhandari MP. “BashudaivaKutumbakkam”- The entire world is our home and all living beings are our relatives. Why we need to worry about climate change, with reference to pollution problems in the major cities of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Adv Agr Environ Sci. (2019);2(1): 8−35. DOI: 10.30881/aaeoa.00019

Medani P. Bhandari Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii, USA and Sumy State University, Ukraine